Our Services


We use various methods in the Control and prevention of Termite. We use the latest chemicals and we will take you through the whole process and advise how to deter Fleas from your home in the future.

We also have a Commercial Pest Control unit and all our Operators are fully qualified and hold relevant qualifications for both domestic and commercial premises.

You will find out the team helpful and professional and also we work on weekends. so if you discover you have a Termite problem, just pick up the phone and give our team call today.


1. Drilling holes where each and every walls and floor are joining at a distance of 30 cms. for desired depth with drill bits and then injecting the diluted termaticides and finally sealing with cement.

2. All the wooden partitions including doorframes, window frames, rafters, covers etc., are to be drilled with drill bits at a distance of minimum 30 cms., and injecting the termaticides diluted in k.oil and finally sealing with cement.

3. Outside the building area we make holes and injecting the diluted termaticides later on the holes should be closed.

4. Upper floors also we are drilling holes and injecting the diluted termaticides mixed with k.oil and finally sealing with cement.


1. In foundation pits we have to treat the bottom and the sides according to the height at the trench/pits

2. To refill the earth on both sides at all building up walls. (Approximate width 45 cms. and depth 45 cms.)

3. Before laying the floor, the entire leveled surface should be treated.

4. Outside the building area, also we have to make holes and inject the diluted termaticides, later on, the holes should be closed.


This treatment would mainly comprises of thorough insecticides spray of the entire premises especially in all the nook and corners of the undersides of tables, chairs, almarahs, kitchen, both rooms, toilet, drainage manholes and other vulnerable places harboring cockroaches, silverfishes, bugs, lizards and all other small insects.

We provide complete, advanced and professional services for termites, cockroaches, rats, silverfish, mice, rodents, ants etc. We use only the best and guaranteed chemicals in the market and with the dedicated and technically qualified and trained service personnel, we have proved ourselves competent enough to handle and complete any volume of pest control assignments. We are also doing Odourless-Gel Treatment


We also do fogging treatment for controlling Mosquitoes. This treatment depends upon your requirement.


We control rodents in three methods,

1. Trapping

2. Glue method

3. Poisoning method


We are spraying the chemical mixed with k.oil on the Honeycomb and destroy the same completely.

All our termaticides and insecticides used will be of ISI specification.